Our most beautiful picture ever

4K TVs by Sony

Four times the detail of full HD

Prepare to be blown away by depth and clarity that you've never seen before on a TV screen. With four times the detail of full HD, it's a whole new way to experience TV.

Blu-ray better than ever

Experience four times more from Blu-rays, web videos and TV. The unique sony processing engine analyses, cleans and refines images giving you more detail, more clarity, more depth and more quality.

Discover the 4K TV range


Relive your moments in brilliant details. Everything is upscaled beautifully with the powerful picture processing engine. With four times the resolution, you'll remember every happy smile, every special occasion and every breathtaking view.

Ultimate picture


  1. 1 Twice with X-tended Dynamic Range and three time with X-tended Dynamic Range Pro
  2. 2 Twice with XDR range - three time HDR pro